[Tugindia] Latex letter style incorporating letterhead & signature?

Ajay Narottam Shah ajayshah at mayin.org
Wed Aug 16 04:49:32 CEST 2006

> > I'm sure many people must have solved this. I am currently using the
> > latex letter style and it's great. Now I'd like it to accept two more
> > pieces: A scanned image for the top part of the letterhead, and a
> > scanned image for my signature. How would one do this?

> I am not sure if this will fit the bill, but you may look mpslet
> available from Max Planck institute.
> http://www.mps.mpg.de/software/latex/localtex/localltx.html#Contents
> You may have to tweak it a bit to make it do what you want.
> Best regards,
> S. Venkatarman

I looked at this and unfortunately I couldn't understand / utilise
it. :( So I would put out a fervent request to the TeXnicians of the
world: please write a better letter.sty which does these two things!

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