[Tugindia] specifying conditional statements

Alexander Nervedi alexnerdy at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 3 19:49:01 CEST 2006


I just realized that I'd be making the same text a part of my dissertation 
as well as a part of seperate standalone chapters that I'd like to send out 
for review. So I thought this could be implemented by keep the text with 
latex commands in a file called test.txt.tex.  I could call this from 
another tex file say test.p.tex which would have the paper abstract and 
\include the test.txt.tex file and give me the compiled paper. I'd also have 
a third file called des.toc.tex which calls each of my chapters with, for 
example, \include{test.txt.tex}

So far so good this works well. The only problem is that when compile the 
document des.toc.tex it leaves the page blank after I declare a chapter and 
start the contents of the paper test.txt.tex from the next page. I can get 
around this by having my chapter declaration in the test.txt.tex file and 
not the des.toc.tex file. The latter simply becomes a set of \include{} 

However this option means that when I compile the paper test.p.tex I have a 
lame line giving the chapter name which doesn't work in the paper mode. I 
was wondering if there is a way I can pass a variable across files so that I 
could let the processor known the sequence in which it is opertating the 

Thus if i am compiling for the dissertation I could have a variable flag set 
to 1 so that when each chapter is processed the process would processor 
would check if flag == 1 and then print the chapter names. In case I am 
compiling the paper I could set the flag to 0 and then the processor 
wouldn't process the chapter command.

I was wondering what the best was is to imple ment this.


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