[Tugindia] installing wikner's devanagari fonts on Linux

Ravi Parimi rparimi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 21:48:35 CEST 2005


I have been trying to figure out how to install Wikner's fonts on my
Linux machine (CentOS 4.1).
I downloaded all the files from 

and went through all the steps detailed in the readme.txt to create
the .fm, .tfm etc.. files

There are some parts in the readme I am unable to understand. It
mentions that the files ifthen.sty, relsize.sty and multicol.sty are
required, but I do not find them either in the downloaded directory or
on my linux machine.

Also, now that I have these *.fm, *.tfm files, I do not know where to
copy them and how to let the latex system know that these files are
present. I searched the web and briefly looked at the fontinst guide
as well, but am not sure how I should proceed from here.

Can someone please show me how to get these fonts installed on my
system? Any pointers to documentation will also be very helpful.

I looked at a few sanskrit (Vedic) documents written using Wikner's
fonts and am very impressed with their quality. I'd be glad to know if
there are newer (or better) versions of devanagari fonts (that support
vedic accents) that can be installed on Linux systems.

Thank you very much,

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