REsolved: [Tugindia] BibTeX issues

Alexander Nervedi alexnerdy at
Wed Nov 9 07:01:05 CET 2005

I just realized that one shouldnt have more than one bibtex files - i was 
citing articles that were not in the file i was attaching. so thats been 

>From: "Alexander Nervedi" <alexnerdy at>
>Reply-To: TUGIndia Mailing List <tugindia at>
>To: tugindia at
>Subject: [Tugindia] BibTeX issues
>Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 01:35:02 +0000
>All the new entries into my BibTEx File appear as "(?)" when I comple my 
>TeX file. This is mysterious to me becuase, when i key in \cite{} it pops 
>up a window with my list of references including the ones that it reports 
>as missing.
>I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and knows how to fix 
>it. If you  havent encountered it and still know how to fix it I;d love to 
>hear from you as well.
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