[Tugindia] RE: MiKTeX process

Vinoth Kumar S. vinoth at sps.co.in
Sat Mar 26 05:20:26 CET 2005

Dear All,

In the MiKTeX process, I am having some problems.

1. Unable to get page size 210mm*277mm by using DVIPS.
2. After converting ps to pdf, in the PDF error report there was some error occured.
   Error is -- " Effective resolution of single-bit black&white image is less than 750 dpi ". 
   This is the error from black and white rules drawn by TeX (i.e rule from {a\over b} and hline etc.).

NOTE: The pdf error occurs only when the document processed by DVIPS, and not in DVIPSONE (YandY).

Please any body can suggest me.

Thanks in advance,

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