[Tugindia] Modifying .bst file

V. Sasi Kumar vsasi at hotpop.com
Mon Mar 21 07:30:25 CET 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 19:13 +0530, V. Sasi Kumar wrote:
> I have created a .bst file for an Indian journal and the result is
> mostly correct. However, I have two problems. One is that the journal
> names are not being abbreviated (using J instead of "Journal", removing
> "of" and so on). Another is that the journal requires the names of
> countries where each journal originates to be given in parantheses after
> the journal name. (I suspect this could be the only journal in the world
> with such a requirement!) I have looked around quite a bit, but am not
> able to understand how the .bst file can be modified to do these. Could
> someone help me?

Just an update for those who may have the same doubt.

I found a similar question (about abbreviated journal names) in the
texhax mailing list, but there was reply to that question either. So it
appears that bibtex cannot abbreviate journal names. However, it can
remove periods after abbreviations in the .bib file (such as the period
after J for Journal). The solution, apparently, is to use the @STRING
command at the beginning and have two sets with abbreviated and full
journal names. I wonder whether it would be possible to put the @STRING
commands in a separate file and call that file at the beginning of
the .bib file.

I solved the other problem by including the country names as note and
adding the note after the journal name.

Thank you.
V. Sasi Kumar <vsasi at hotpop.com>

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