[Tugindia] Controling position of tables and figures.

Prakash Mukre prakash.mukre at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:10:35 CET 2005

Hi all once again,
I could create the shaded tables with specified and width and as well
I could export figures from xfig in pdf and eps format and use them in
my document.

Now I have a new problem that is controling the position of figures
and tables. I have tried aligning them and keeping the order in which
they should appear by giving  new lines ( \\ ) or scaling the figure
size, I am farely able to do that. But that may not be the right way
to do that. because the figures seem deshaped and lot of space is
below is illustation
****Section 1 ***************
*******table 1 **************
*********figure 1**************
********* section2 *********
*******table 2 *********
***********figure 2 *************

But the out put is---

*************table 1*****************************
*************figure 1***********************
Please help me, how to maintain the order of the object..


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