[Tugindia] \enlargethispage

Biplab Raychaudhuri biplabr at rediffmail.com
Wed Mar 9 10:12:12 CET 2005

In a 200 odd page 'book' class document page size is fixed with suitable \setlength{\textheight/\textwidth} command with \addtolength{\v/hoffset} commands in the preamble. A page  contains six subfigures (with subfigure package. Compilation shows float too large by 19pt.
I used
\clearpage %I used \pagebreak/newpage also
\enlargethispage{19pt} %I used inches/cm too.
figure commands ....
\clearpage %I used \pagebreak/newpage also
But nothing works and same warning is shown (no errors). \enlargethispage*{..} has no effect. Only pagesize changes in the document preamble solves the problem which is unintended.
Please help
Biplab Raychaudhuri 

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