[Tugindia] Difference between LaTeX and PDFLaTeX

josef dev david_jsf at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 09:52:16 CEST 2005

I am a TeX user, I just want to confirm that what is the difference between LaTeX and PDFLaTeX.

Earlier I was using LaTeX for My papers having figures incorporated, I was having TIF and JPG also, but what I did, I coverted them to EPS as LaTeX/DVIPS can not handle TIF and JPG, but I receive some quality feedback for conversion of TIF and JPG, and I asked to use TIF and JPG itself in the document not to use converted EPS, I find that PDFLaTeX can accept JPG and TIF also for older version. I want to get assure that when I will compile my document with PDFLaTeX nothing will change in document i mean in terms of pagination each line breaks and pagebreaks will be same as earlier and I have no need to rechek my document.

Is there any document which state the complete difference in between LaTeX and PDFLaTeX.

If I can use TIF and JPG with LaTeX and DVIPS in any free TeX implementation then it will be great

I will be grateful if I could find my answer.


Thanks in advance


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