[Tugindia] Equation indentation

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Thu Jan 13 05:41:06 CET 2005

      Is there way to left align the equations? For instance, for the list 
environment the length of the left margin can be changed as

>Please change the length of \leftmargini (for first level of the list),
>\leftmarginii (for second level), \leftmarginiii (for third level), so on
>and so forth so that it shall start without indentation.

Is there something similar for the equation environment? \lefteqn works only 
for eqnarray.

Currently, my output looks as follows

for ABCD do
                                      EQN is here
end for

That is, the equation is centered.

What I am looking for is as follows:

for ABCD do
     EQN is here
end for

Use the option fleqn with document class,eg.
This works in article and book classes. I do 
not know about other classes, especially those 
classes for theses.
Best regards,
S. Venkataraman

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