[Tugindia] Bibliogrphy

Rijo John rijo at igidr.ac.in
Wed Sep 29 10:43:43 CEST 2004

Dear TeX users,

I had posted this querry once but did not get any replies.

 I have a problem with bibliography. In the bibliography why is it that
the names of second and other successive authors also appear with their
surname first as is the case for first author. I mean it is a standard
practice to write the surname first only for the first author and for the
rest of the authors we generally write their first name first and surname
last. Is there a way to achieve this irrespective of the particular style
file we are using. I generally use apalike.bst or kluwer.bst style file.

For example: my bibliography appears as:

Rajan, I. and James, K. (2004). Second national family health survey.
Economic and Political Weekly, 39(7):647-651.

Whereas I need the name of second author to be written as K. James.
I should be able to get this and other references in bibliography like
this irrespective of the style file I am using.

Thanks and regards,
Rijo John.
IGIDR, Mumbai.

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