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Ragu ragu.solaiappan at integra-india.com
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Dear Suresh,

Please try with the following value

c:\yandy\dvipsone\dvipsone.exe -v -V -*T -*s -P -l=432.9*648.9 %1.

I hope you will get 6 * 9 inch of PDF. To center your text to the PDF, you
can use -x=<value> and -y=<value>.

Also please check with your joboption file of your distiller. The required
dimention (6*9") always lesser than your joboption dimention, otherwise you
will an different output.

Please check both of my points, and let me know if anything differs.



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Dear Ragu,

Fine and hope the same. Ragu, I have the small problem,

previously also. Please try to solve this,

I have to get a PAGE SIZE of 6 x 9 inches.

If I make the ps like this,

c:\yandy\dvipsone\dvipsone -l=432*638 -*P=432*638 sample.dvi

it is giving on some A4 paper, and in the PDF generation it is

croping on right and top and showing 6 x 9 inches.



| | |

| | |

| | |

| | |

| | |

| | |

| 6 x 9 in |-----|--------> visible in PDF, Cropped right and top (2.667 in
x 4.778 in)

|___________| |

| |

| |

| |-------> A4 size (background)


whereas as, I require only page size to be 6 x 9 inches without any cropped

How to get this page size exactly.

with regards,


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Dear Suresh,

The Dvipsone of YandY takes (rounded) points as the default unit

for all their dvi to PS creations.

The conversion it does is (1/12)*(pt/6)*25.4=mm. When it does such

conversion, you will get different output because of the rounding value.

You cannot escape from this error until you change your default

setting of dvipsone from pt to mm.

dvipsone.exe -l=300*400 -*P=300*400 -f=c:/psfonts %1

The 300, and 400 are all points (unit) for you - where is the mm?



Dear All,

When I make the ps-pdf from the dvi file (with option ==> dvipsone -l=a4

*.dvi), the PDF page is showing slightly shorter pages (209.9 x 296.7mm)

than the a4 paper size. I want the exact size of a4 paper.

And, the measured values in the dviwindo are varying in the PDF output. Is

it, because of the difference between the Measured value and the

calculated value or some thing else.

Any suggestions regarding these will be helpful for me.

Thanking you in advance.

with regards



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