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Duvvuri Venu Gopal venugopal_duvvuri at rediffmail.com
Thu Sep 16 11:29:55 CEST 2004

Dear Omega & Devnag Users

Recently I found some compound letters like "kra", "bra" and "vra" are not forming properly. While for "kra"  old style ligature was defined instead of regular "kra". The compound letters "bra" and "vra" are not forming properly. To rectify the same the following corrections be made in the "odev.sty" and "hindi-cuni2font.otp" and recompiled.

A) Corrections in "odev.sty"

Add the following lines at appropriate place:


B) Corrections in "hindi-cuni2font.otp"

Add the following lines at appropriate place :

{VA} {VIRAMA} {RA} => "\qe{" @"0076 "}" ;

{KA} {VIRAMA} {RA} => "\qd{" @"006B "}" ;

{BA} {VIRAMA} {RA} => "\qe{" @"0062 "}" ;

If you use set your in documents in Sanskrit also, add the above lines in "sanskrit-cuni2font.otp" also

Recompile, i.e., otp2ocp

Now you will get proper letters.


1) Avagraha:
Avagraha is not working. Though it was mentioned in the velthuis2unicode.otp the same is not mentioned in other otp's. I tried several ways, but still not successful. If any one in the group is successful please inform me.

2) reph with anuswar
For example, if we type "sarva.m" reph and anuswar are separately typesetting and the anuswar is overlapping on the reph.  A separate "reph with anuswar" is provided in the dvng font (Char20). How to get it instead of two separate characters?

With best wishes

D. Venu Gopal

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