[Tugindia] Re:EPS files

Stefan Scriba Scribas at ukzn.ac.za
Thu Oct 28 12:55:06 CEST 2004

Dear Kevin and Radhakrishnan
> When I add to a tex file, upon running, some pages go
> missing, or when compiling the graphic does not scale.

I might be wrong, but what this sounds like is that the image was
converted by printing it with a generic postscript printer. The reason
why the image is not scaling is that its bounding box is currently the
size of the whole page, i.e. A4 paper or letter paper. The trick to
solve this problem is to open it with Ghost View and then convert with
the pswrite process. This will calculate and save the bounding box to
the size of the image, which should now readily scale in your tex/latex
Hope this helps

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