[Tugindia] Early example of GPL?

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Mon Oct 25 10:12:02 CEST 2004

I recently came across a work in Sanskrit *Sanaatana Vigyana Samudaya*, 
authored by one Venkataramanacharya and published in 1944. The thing that 
interested me (which may interest some readers of this mail-list) is the 
copyright which reads: Copyright of this work is not reserved by the 
author, as the work is solely intended for the general enlightenment. So, 
if more copies are required at any time, any individual or agency may get 
the work re-printed in any number of copies, without claiming copyright to 
the work. If, however, any explanation or notes, or translation in any 
language is written on, and affixed to the work, then copyright may, 
justly and rightly, be claimed and reserved by any individual or his agent 
or representative or by any Educational Institution, or by any other 


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