[Tugindia] Re: 5 figures or more per page (goutham madonkar)

Stefan Scriba Scribas at ukzn.ac.za
Wed Oct 20 14:07:54 CEST 2004

I would like to put more than 4 images on a page, how can I do this? I
have tried putting
into the preamble, but the maximum number of images is still 4.
Any advice please?

  use \renewcommand{\topfraction}{1}.
Default \topfraction = 0.7 ie 70% of textheight only occupy figures...
if u want more... increase \topfraction

Hi Gautham
tried that - unfortunately, that does not seem to solve the problem. I
think the problem is that Latex struggles to handle more than 4 floating
figures per page.
Have found an interesting solution though - the figsize package allows
one to make a grid of figures, with as many rows and columns as one
requires - very powerful! It will automatically scales the images to fit
nicely into the available space. 
Have a nice day,

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