[Tugindia] Re: Typesetting gamma function

M.Kalidoss mkalidoss at sancharnet.in
Thu Oct 14 17:37:39 CEST 2004

> I think you forgot the attachment. (ADITYA D TRIVEDI)

> I think that the list program stripped the attachment. (Manoj Kummini)

You are right.  The (zip) file attachment was stripped 
by the list. Previously I posted the file (scanned image) 
as such.  As the file size exceeded 10 kB, it was rejected
by the moderator. 

I shall try to elabarate my problem.  I want to typeset the 
following gamma function:

[gamma of (l) gamma of (m)  gamma of (n)] 
divided by 
[gamma of (1 + l + m + n) ]

My crude attempt was

But the result is not satisfactory.
Please help.
Thanks in advance
M. Kalidoss

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