[Tugindia] Drawing Math Figures

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec1 at email.si
Sat Oct 2 15:05:34 CEST 2004

Habeeb Basha Syed wrote:
>   Need help.
>   I have to draw math figures subject to following
>    1. I know analytic equations (of figures in question)
>    2. I need to label them
>    3. I need to convert final output to eps/ps format.
>    Pstricks is good but I am just looking for something else
>    which can help me.

Take a look at
(or simply look for metapost anywhere else on the web).

This should suit all your needs (it can even solve linear equations) - 
ask if you have any problems remaining.

Mojca Miklavec

PS 1: Regarding the output format - if you use (in plain metapost):
	mpost filename
	mptopdf filename
The output will be in .pdf. There's a file named filename.1, which is 
essentially postscript, but will not be shown properly (labels). So it 
is necessary to use an additional run of
	pdftops filename

(I can send a minimal example later.)

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