[Tugindia] Inexperienced with colour - what do I do?

Ajay Shah ajayshah at mayin.org
Mon May 24 08:56:33 CEST 2004

I usually produce black and white documents and have been using the
attached ans-setup.tex (most of which was written by CVR).

I now want to switch to "uncompromisingly perfect colour documents". I
am, of course, aware of how to put colour into tex files. But I don't
have a typesetting judgment and intuition of how this would work.

Does the TeX community have an answer? I would argue that we should
have a framework like this. Currently, I do:


The framework should be one where I should say:


and everything should change behaviour.

In a conventional document, I say:


and don't have to think about how it is typeset. Font, size, spacing,
etc. is all automatically taken care of. In that same fashion, if I


then \section{Blah} should work perfectly, where good wizards have
embedded good knowledge and exploited colour in addition to font, size
and spacing. The rules and captions associated with \floatstyle{ruled}
should change. And so on.

Is this plausible, and has it been done!? :-)

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