[Tugindia] Dcolumn, Multicolumn -- XMLTEX

Ragu.solaiappan, Integra ragu.solaiappan at integra-india.com
Thu May 13 07:53:42 CEST 2004

Dear TUG members,

I have some problem with multicolumn used for xmltex,
inputing xml/xmt/cls file.

When I use tex files as an input, they are all working
without any error. But, when I use the same macros for
xmltex (xml file as an input) with multicolumn, it shows
an error line “misplaced \omit”. To avoid such error message,
I have removed \omit from the following line, I could compile
my file without any error, but I am not getting the correct result,
i.e. the text is not span more than two columns:

To my little knowledge, multicolumn and dcolumn are the troublesome
part of XMLTEX. If any suggestion, please help me.

Waiting for the suggestion, sir.


PS: I am not using the passivetex macros.

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