[Tugindia] want to write different 'O'

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana bhaskara_p at vsnl.com
Thu May 6 09:24:34 CEST 2004


I want to write 'O' which denotes  ring of holomorphic functions  around zero.
For that I tried :


which gives different O than the book 'Introduction to Algebraic Curves'  by 
Phillips A. Griffiths, volume 76, Translation of Mathematical Monographs, 
AMS, publication was typeset using AMS-TeX, AMS' s TeX macro system, 1989

output is correct for other letters like \mathscr{ PR L} but not for 
\mathscr{OQ}. w.r.t. the above mention book.

My question is if other letters are matching, why not O and Q? \sl, \emph did 
not work with \mathscr, any  focus?
I tried \fraktur but it is giving different output.

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