[Tugindia] XMLTEX - multicolumn - multispan

Ragu.solaiappan, Integra ragu.solaiappan at integra-india.com
Fri Jun 4 09:38:41 CEST 2004

Dear TUG,

Some days before, I have posed a problem to TUG – but the problem was not
solved.  Here is my problem statement – help is required.

When I use a .cls file in TeX workflow, the cls is working for a table with
multicolumn and dcolumn. But when I use the same cls file for XML workflow
it is shows a error (XMLTEX by David Carlisle, Sabastine). The error is
“\omit is misplaced”.

To solve this error, I have removed \omit from the \multispan definition.
After removing this \omit from \multispan (multicolumn), I could get my
output by using \multispan<number of span>.

But this <number of span> is taking only 2 columns as an argument. My
requirement is to span more than two columns. I could span more than two
columns only by giving multiple times of \multispan<number of span>. Is
there any other alternative method to avoid such multiple time of
\multispan<number of span>?

My question is:

(1)	Why \omit is not working for XMLTEX and why \multispan is not taking
multiple columns as its argument.

The following lines are a part of my XMT/XML.

\XMLstring\att at INTalignLeft<>l</>
\XMLstring\att at INTalignCenter<>c</>
\XMLstring\att at INTalignRight<>r</>

\XMLattribute{INTalign}{\XML at INTalign}{c}
        \ifx\XML at INTalign\att at INTalignLeft
            \gdef\temp{\multispan2\hfil\hskip -3pt  #1
        \ifx\XML at INTalign\att at INTalignCenter
            \gdef\temp{\multispan\INTcols\hfill\hskip -2pt  #1
        \ifx\XML at INTalign\att at INTalignRight
#1\hskip -0pt\hfil&}\aftergroup\temp

And the XML file is

<entry INTcol="2" INTalign="l" rowsep="1" namest="col2"
nameend="col3">Labour and </entry>
<entry INTcol="2" INTalign="l" namest="col4" nameend="col5"
<entry INTcol="2" INTalign="l" namest="col6" nameend="col7"
<entry INTcol="2" INTalign="l" namest="col8" nameend="col9"
<entry INTcol="2" INTalign="l" namest="col10"


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