[Tugindia] NON-LATEX MATHS/CS problem

Ashis Kumar Mal akmal at ece.iitkgp.ernet.in
Fri Jan 23 09:56:59 CET 2004

Dear All,
My question is not realted to LaTeX, so please
excuse me for posting it. I badly need some
help to solve a math problem, and I did not find
any suitable mailing list. I found these mailing
list is full of friendly people and expect your
valued advise to enhance my maths knowledge.

My problem is stated below.
Thanks & regards, 
I am in search of some help to find the closed form
expression of a recurrence realtion with two index.
Could someone please help me with general methodology
of dealing two indexed recursive relations.

My expression is:
C(m,n)=2*C(m-1,n)+C(m-1,n-1) - C(m-2,n) ; n<m
with C(m,0)=1;C(0,0)=0;C(m,1)=m*(m-1)/2

I know how to get closed form expressions of a single
indexed recurrance relation, but I am unable to find
the methodology for double indexed case.

I could reach to this point by running a program
computing different values and from there guessed


But how do I get to this formally ?

With regards,

Ashis Kumar Mal
R/S E&ECE Dept.
IIT Kharagpur

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