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krishna kumar kumar1010 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 09:38:20 CET 2004

hi everyone

i am currently working on a book which was typesetted
in the old version (1.2.16), when i compiled the
chapters with new version (2.2.6), i could encounter
few problems mentioned below:


e.g. \left[ \sum\frac{a}{b} \right]

here the bracket grows more than the required height.
This was ok in the old-version.


hyphenation pattern changes

e.g. hippopo\-tamus 

changes to  


(Dvi output shows the above breakings.)

3. Pagination occurs due to extra vertical spacing in
the equations and moreover equation which was
contained in the textwidth (old-version) now getting
out of textwidth (new-version)

Currently i dont have old version of yandy. Is there
any other way to arrest these problems? 

Please help me as soon as possible.
i am running out of time

thanks in advance


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