[Tugindia] Tutorial Chapter on Mathematics.

Manoj Kummini kummini at math.ukans.edu
Fri Feb 27 04:13:11 CET 2004


The chapter on mathematics (Chap. 11) gives two examples of commutative
diagrams, but both use @> for a right arrow. It did not work for me. The
AMS `Users Guide for the \texttt{amsmath} Package', v. 2.0, updated
2002-02-05 mentions using @>>> for a right arrow. (It has the same example
that the tutorial has, but uses @>j>> while the tutorial uses @j>)

Is this a problem with the tutorial?

Manoj Kummini
Graduate Student, Dept. of Mathematics, The Univ. of Kansas,
Lawrence KS 66045 USA.  38 deg 55 min N, 95 deg 14 min W.

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