[Tugindia] having words breaking over the pages

krishan gopal goswami krishan_gopi at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 16:51:07 CET 2004

Respected TugIndia Members,

I am a normal TeX user, I am facing problem of
hyphenated break at the end of the page, which can be
removed by inserting \break command before the word
which  is breaking over the pages or by having it in
\hbox{wordbreaoverpages}, is there any solution (like
some penalty variables such as \widowpenalty and
\clubpenalty for widow and orphans) to protect the
hyphenation of words at page break.

I found a variable named \brokenpenalty which can be
set to avoid hyphenation of words at page break but
other problem arises with this is that the last line
which was having hyphenated word break at the end,
moves to next page, that is not right solution
actually line should not move to next page, just only
the last word (word breaking over pages) should either
adjusted on same page or move to next page.

Waiting for your kind support and thanking you in

Krishan Gopal Goswami

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