[Tugindia] Re: Hyphenation

Chakravarthy Bhagvati chakcs at uohyd.ernet.in
Thu Feb 19 06:24:36 CET 2004

Dear Mr. Suresh,

I have a different question for you. Why are you hyphenating between "fi", 
"fl", etc.? In English, the standard rules of hyphenation suggest 
hyphenations between *syllables.* It is actually considered incorrect by 
purists to have a line end in "def" and another begin with "inition." If 
there is some reason (better be a very good one) to break the words as you 
suggested, they should be exceptions. In which case, your hyphenation rules 
should not be too many.


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> "Suresh A.L" <sureshal at sps.co.in> writes:
>>but if it misses in the line breakings, and if it comes in the center or
>>starting of line, 
>>the ligature character "fi" is missing, and I am getting two characters as
>>"f" and "i",
>>because of the "\-" in word (def\-inition). Similarly for "fl" also.
>>I have tried with \hyphenation{def-inition, signif-icantly,...}, removing
>>all "\-" in Ligature words. 
>>But, I have give hundred's of such words in the preamble every time.
> If you want to hyphenate to rules completely foreign to everybody
> else, you should roll your own hyphenation patterns.
> Are you actually talking about English, and are the above actual
> examples?  Ugh.
> Other than that, it might already help if you selected British
> instead of American hyphen patterns.

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