[Tugindia] Ligatures

Ragu.solaiappan, Integra ragu.solaiappan at integra-india.com
Tue Feb 17 09:49:47 CET 2004

Mr. Suresh,

I have some suggestion of you, please check any one of them:

(1) What i can understand is you may not have ligature character in your
font.  Please open your font matrix and check the presence of ligature

(2) Or you may have problem with font encodings. Please change the font
encoding and recompile your file again.

(3) If possible, please (re)generate TFM files from your DVIWINDO.

>From the above, any one of the method may help you.


Dear All,

In hyphenation of a particular word, I have inserted "\-" in the ligature

  Ex:  definition  --->   def\-inition    (fi --> Ligature)

I am able to hyphenate at the line breakings as

		-------------- def-

but if it misses in the line breakings, and if it comes in the center or
starting of line,
the ligature character "fi" is missing, and I am getting two characters as
"f" and "i",
because of the "\-" in word (def\-inition). Similarly for "fl" also.

I have tried with \hyphenation{def-inition, signif-icantly,...}, removing
all "\-" in Ligature words.
But, I have give hundred's of such words in the preamble every time.

Is there any other way to get the ligature letters, having "\-" in between
the them.
Like f\-i, f\-l.

Thanking you all in advance,

With regards,

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