[Tugindia] Alphabetical lists

Wagish Shukla wagishs at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 04:09:03 CET 2004

i have a problem. i want to compile a liat of terms, i
want them in a 2column form and i want the output to
appear in an alphabetical order regardless of how i
feed the data. i could do it using the makeindex
package but there are three undesirables 1 the page
numbers of the document where the terms appear get
tagged, 2 the heading ``index'' appears and 3 there
seems tgo be no way i can write some text between the
desired heading ``list of terms'' and the actual
tabular list.
essentially then what i want is an index type thing
with ``list of terms'' as the heading and the
pagenumbers suppressed.
grateful for help from friends in this matter.

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