[Tugindia] Om in Omega Devnagari

Duvvuri Venu Gopal venugopal_duvvuri at rediffmail.com
Thu Apr 15 09:42:39 CEST 2004

  > > For hindi we have to disable many ligatures also like - kra
> > and some other ligatures (we should keep them in Sanskrit).
> > Like wise we have to add some ligatures also like - there is
> > no mention how to get the Om ??
>The table in article by Harlambous and Plaice says that one has to
>Type .o for Om.(Table at the bottom consisting of special characters.)

Yes. In the article it says Velthuis translation coding. The same was also implemented in the velthuis2unicode.otp, i.e., .o was converted to 0950 (Unicode position for OM). The story ends there. This Unicode was further not converted to font. To do  that we have to modify the hindi-cuni2font.otp

In aliases section between NYA and PA add the following line

OM = (@”0950);

In the expressions section between {NYA} and {PA} add the following line :

{OM} => @003A ;

Then only we will get OM (I modified my otp and now I can get OM).


The other problem is ‘kra’. The ligature provided (“0087) is not as per actual usage.
I disabled it and added the following :

{KA} {VIRAMA} {RA} => “\qb{“ @”0063 “}” ;
but the result is not satisfactory. The symbol (\char253, i.e., 00FD) is attaching below the k, (but it should attach like in dra) because \qb is defined like this –


The \subscr command is marring the effect. I tried to define another command \qd removing the \subscr. Immediately chaos started. What is the remedy? (We may try \char125, i.e.,007D also). How to solve?

Have you observed dra is defined as 

{DA}{VIRAMA}{RA} => @”0100

This 0100 is again defined in hindi-cuni2font3.otp as follows :

@”0100 => “\qb{d}”

Again this 0100 is defined in 7 ways in hindi-cuni2font2.otp (for attaching u,U,ri marks to d)

How about definining one 0106 as => “\qb{k}”?? (We have to test.)


How to get halant in Hindi?

In Velthuis method by typing & we can attach the halant to the preceding character. How is it possible in Omega? On going through the velthuis-unicode I did not found any  mention to the individual 094D.

D. Venu Gopal

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