[Tugindia] Regarding lambda and devanagari.

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Mon Apr 12 12:23:52 CEST 2004

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> On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 S. venkataraman wrote :
> >Hi,
> >I am trying to use devanagari in lamda with the help of the 
> OCP, OTP  
> >and style files provided for the purpose.  I have Some problems with 
> >`tra' conjunct.  Words like `satrIya' and `paatrata' doesn't 
> come out 
> >properly.  Has anybody else tried
> >  this?  What is their experience? Is there a fix for this? 
> With best 
> >regards, S. Venkataraman
> Sorry, I am posting this after a long gap.
> This problem is due to a small mistake in the 
> hindi-cuni2font.ocp file.
> Please go through the file there are two entries for tra
> {TA}{VIRAMA}{RA} = @00XX ; and
> {TA}{VIRAMA}{RA} = @00XY
> The first one is for tra to be attached to other consonents 
> and the second tra is an independent one. 
> The problem is the first one should be like this :
> {TA}{VIRAMA}{RA}{VIRAMA} = @00XX ;
> So add {VIRAMA} to that line and it works.
> Some days back I posted to some one's querry for devnagari 
> digits. Add them also to your otp's and compile them to make ocp's.
> For hindi we have to disable many ligatures also like - kra 
> and some other ligatures (we should keep them in Sanskrit). 
> Like wise we have to add some ligatures also like - there is 
> no mention how to get the Om ??
The table in article by Harlambous and Plaice says that one has to 
Type .o for Om.(Table at the bottom consisting of special characters.) 
> Let us work on these and post me your opinion.
Thank you for your reply.  I will try out this 
 fix and let you know the results.
I would definitely like to work on this. I am 
 trying to type assignments in hindi with this package.
 With best regards,
S. Venkataraman
Lecturer in Mathematics
School of Sciences
Indira Gandhi National University
Maidan Garhi 
New Delhi 110 068

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