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Fri Apr 2 13:41:40 CEST 2004

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Leelavati Trust I am delighted to announce the release of
KannadaLaTeX (1.0). The font used is courtesy Baraha (www.baraha.com).  
We hope to provide more fonts from Baraha and other sources in the next
release. It has been a dream of some six years which has now been
realised. The tarred and zipped file has been uploaded to
<www.sarovar.org>. We request the users to take a look at the software,
use it and send us comments.

We are also happy to tell you that we are now working on a IndTeX project 
which will open the floodgates of TeX and friends to the service of 
other Indian languages as well.

It is my duty to acknowledge 

0. Our debt to Donald knuth, Leslie Lamport and many other TeX / LaTeX 
programmers out there for their vision and also for the wonderful packages 
which have made our work easy and rewarding.

1. E. S. P. Purandara Dasa and TUGIndia for financial support 

2. Sheshadrivasu for allowing us to make use of Baraha fonts.

3. D. Shivashankar, the master TeXnician who is responsible for the 
technical work.

4. Palash Pal (of the BanglaTeX fame) for sharing his expertise and 
helping us in the initial stages.

5. C V Radhakrishnan who gave us the necesary leads and took keen 
interest in the project.

6. B J Venkatachala, Treasurer, Leelavati Trust, who shared this dream 
with me for his cooperation in all aspects of this project.

C S Yogananda
Dept. of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560012
Ph: 22932265 (O)
    26524056 (R)

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