[Tugindia] TeXLive

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sat Sep 20 04:05:54 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Sridhar" == Sridhar M A <mas at uomphysics.net> writes:


    >> PS: I haven't uploaded the images to sarovar.org so far, which
    >> would take another day. I would make an announcement in this
    >> list as soon as the job is completed.
    Sridhar> When can we expect the texlive images? Just curious.

Sorry, I forgot to notify this, all images are available at:


Be warned that install and demo images are roughly 600 MB and DVD
image is 1.25 Gig.  The page might show you the filesize as single
digit bytes, that's because it is a symlink from the mirror folder.
TeXLive is an ongoing project at TUG, so we would sync the newest
stable releases always.  However, I couldn't still find time to put up
a decent index.html at the http://texlive.sarovar.org.

TUGIndia would make available TeXLive 2003 collection (3 CD set
released by TUG), beautifully packaged in a nicely printed CD cover.
Looks like a collectors item.  We haven't yet decided the price, hope
it would be Rs. 1,000 or less depending on the price charged by
TUG. TUG have already placed orders for duplication with Lehmann,

We would dispatch CD's to the individual/institutions who have already
paid the cost (of Rs. 500 which is the current cost) and waiting for
TeXLive's release without any burden of extra cost. This is in
recognition of their patience and interest in TeXLive.

People who are fortunate to have a fat bandwidth might grab the images
from sarovar.org. They are free to make copies and distribute, but
respect the licence of the packages.  Recently, Springer-Verlag copied
TeXLive 7 CD and distributed along with one of their LaTeX books with
explicit instruction on the CD that "contents of the CD should not be
copied or distributed" which is a clear violation of the licences of
thousands of packages in the CD.  By doing such a thing, one invites
the wrath of TUG, FSF and obviously runs the risk of litigation.

Compilation of the TeXLive CD is the result of the hard work of
hundreds of developers' for several months apart from the terrific
work of several thousand contributors who wrote all the software
solely for the benefit of the user community.  By purchasing the
TeXLive, the cost of which is only that of the media and shipping, you
promote a great movement that stands for software freedom.



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