[Tugindia] placing figures in correct places in report class

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana bhaskara_p at vsnl.com
Mon Sep 15 12:21:17 CEST 2003

Herbert Voss wrote:

> When you export pstricks stuff to an eps image, you should
> this works with your graphic. But it makes not real sense
> to convert such simple pstricks stuff to an eps. Insert
> the pstricks part instead of the \includegraphics
It exactly worked fine. I remove page number from my tex file for fig. 
and then convert ps to eps. since because of pagenumber while 
calculating bounding box automatically it was taking upto page number 
and then it calculates bounding box as whole page.
So after removing figure it worked fine.

I have many figures and those contains arc and many things.
I really feel that, inserting eps file is much more simpler than using 
directly pstricks code in tex file.
Since we can place it exactly at center, scale it, give caption, 
numbering labeling, in one step only.

I am very much thankful of listers who gave me so many solutions. 
Finally I got solution from Herbert which worked fine with my problem.
I thank cvr and E. Krishnan also.

I really proud of TUG-India mailing list without which, it is difficult 
for me to complete my dissertation.

Manjusha Joshi

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