[Tugindia] Balanced column in twocolumn mode

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE
Mon Sep 1 07:48:25 CEST 2003

H S Rai schrieb:
> Today at 12:12am +0530 Frederick Noronha (FN) wrote:
>>  I downloaded this. Sorry for my ignorance, but using Lyx, how does one 
>>  install a *.sty package? FN
> Fred, nice to see you on this mailing list. I used Lyx to learn LaTeX, as at
> that time I was not aware of good tutorials available. I find that Lyx has
> its own format and it is not possible to always import and export .tex
> files. See if you can use Emacs or Kile.

it is absolutely no problem in LyX to export to tex.
Only the import of tex-files may be problematic.


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