[Tugindia] Re: Bug in devnag2.02

Amitabh Trehan amitabhtrehan at softhome.net
Fri Oct 10 08:38:17 CEST 2003

 I think the attachments in my previous mails have not come, so I am
enclosing the text below:


I experienced errors when I tried using "\tiny" and italics. That is
because there is no font specified for italic or bold below 10pt. The
quick way to fix this is to modify the font definition file so that
dvngi10, dvngb10, and dvngbi10 are used for all sizes. You can replace
the lines




Make these changes to udn.fd and it should work well. Please let me know
what your results are!

Also, I am surprised that you actually got Devanagari text with "\it".
If I remember correctly, "\it" refers explicitly to the default Roman
font. \textit and \textbf produced the corresponding italic and bold
variants, but \it gave me garbled Roman text. That is what I would
expect it to do.

I will create appropriate Metafonts for the small sizes when I get a
chance. I am swamped these days with the work that actually pays my


On 8 Oct 2003, Amitabh Trehan wrote:

> Hi Anshuman,
>  I have discovered what seems to be a  bug in devnag:
>   If you are use the italic and bold fonts of devnag and use a size
> below normalsize for them i.e small, tiny, scriptsize etc. it does not
> pick the devnag font (displays English). This problem is not there for
> larger sizes : large, Large, huge etc.
>  e.g.
>   {\dn {\small \textit{ .....}}}
> or 
> {\small {\dn {\it ...}}} 
> or
> {\dn {\small \textbf{ ...}}}
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