[Tugindia] Administrativia (was: Line numbers -- to all lines)

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Oct 10 06:52:23 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Baskaran" == Baskaran  <baskaran at brilliant-it.com> writes:

    Baskaran> Dear sir, Kindly use some other package lineno.sty
    Baskaran> Regards Baskaran NK

Thank you very much for your timely advice and lineno.sty is the best
possible solution that anyone can contemplate.

At the same time, I should, as list admin, invite your attention to
the list guidelines about posting mails to this list.  Please read
them if you haven't done it before at:


Among other things, top posting is highly discouraged in our list and
I am sorry to say that you always violate this (maybe out of
ignorance).  If you need still further information on how to quote
previous post in internet mails, please take a look at:


Many people don't know how to reply to a mail. They just write their
replies at the top and append the previous mail.  If your mail client
doesn't allow you to reply properly as contemplated in the relevant
RFC's relating to internet mailing, it is time that you discard it and
switch to a better mail client.  I remember, once in this list, a
gentleman has sent single line mail telling the list about the
location of a package and appended the whole digest of that day's post
running into several hundreds lines!

This obviously spoils proper usage of bandwidth, burdens mail server,
innocent subscribers are required to spent more money to download,
terribly destroys the list archive with bloated mails, etc.

Therefore, let us 

* trim our posts as far possible

* quote the relevant portion alone from the previous post to which we
  do reply

* write our replies just below the quoted material which promotes
  easier comprehension (See the archive of this list, many people do
  the job in an elegant way and compare with your posts)

* keep signatures to the minimum instead of a whole bio-data appended
  (remember, no one is bothered about what you're, but indeed they do
  respect what you say) with every post pretending as if it is an
  innocent signature

* use standard quoted/indent string to identify quoted and current

* delete unwanted mastheads/signatures from previous post

* send plain text mails instead of HTML formatted mails

* do not send attached disclaimers (this message is the property
  of... and only meant for...)

This would attract more respect for your mails from your fellowmen.
While content is of great importance, form too has its value, if not
why should we use TeX?

And lastly, see if reading the following helps:


Let us be more responsible citizens and respect others' freedom.

Best regards


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