[Tugindia] Query... printing two pages (in book-sized format) onA4

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>>>>> "Kapil" == Kapil Hari Paranjape <kapil at imsc.res.in> writes:

    Kapil> On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 11:27:07PM +0530, Frederick Noronha
    Kapil> (FN) wrote:

    Fred> I'm quite a newbie to Lyx, leave along TeX. Can someone help
    Fred> me with this: how to I print two book-sized pages on an A4
    Fred> page, so that a photo-copy of the e-book looks like a real
    Fred> book?  Also, this would allow us to take the required-size
    Fred> print outs, if the possibilities of printing arise.

    Kapil> If you are willing to go outside TeX to do this then you
    Kapil> can use "a2ps" which can convert most files into different
    Kapil> printable PS formats--book like printing being one of them.

Kapil, we can very well do this within TeX. Here are some options:

* LaTeX by making use of pdfpages.sty 

  Create a dummy document, say print.tex in the following manner:




  '1-7' given as values for 'pages' may be replaced by the first page
  and last page of your document.  pdfpages.pdf may be replaced with
  your document name.

Run pdfLaTeX over this document and see the result.

* Still more elegant solution is available in ConTeXt, Hans Hagen's
  macro library that competes with LaTeX and more advanced than LaTeX
  in many ways.  ConTeXt is part of any web2c distribution.

   texexec --pdfarrange --paper=A5A4 --print=2up \
     -result=<outfile.pdf> <infile.pdf>

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