[Tugindia] About TeX-XML

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Tue Nov 25 07:29:04 CET 2003

>>>>> "Karthikeyan" == Karthikeyan P <karthikp at sps.co.in> writes:

    Karthikeyan> Dear all, I have interest to learn the TeX-XML from
    Karthikeyan> basic etc., please guide me.

It is a vast topic which can not be explained in a mailing list.
Indeed, you missed the bus once.  There was a half a day tutorial on
TeX to SGML/XML conversion strategies in the TUG2002 conference held
at Trivandrum where several technologies were deliberated.  You might
choose one from the following which fits your scheme:

* regular expression

* write a filter in string manipulation languages like Perl (eg,

* use mainstream languages like C/C++/Java to write a program that can
  read TeX and translate to XML (but author macros might pose several

* use TeX language and compiler to effect the translation (macros will
  be easier to tackle, still you would find other bizarre problems)

* a combination of some/all the above



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