[Tugindia] zero nbh and Power set symbol

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana bhaskara_p at vsnl.com
Sun Nov 23 11:09:57 CET 2003

Duvvuri Venu Gopal wrote:
> On going through "The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbols List" (if you installed TeX from the TeXLive please see in the directory TexLive\texmf\doc\guides\symbols for file symbols-letter.pdf - it contains about 2266 symbols!! with the name of the package in which they are present) I found the following two entries :
> In 'marvosym' there is a \Ecommerce symbol. It is like a 'e' looking like @. It may not work for what Manjusha is looking for. But with little hacking it can be modified to the needs of Manjusha.
> In 'manfnt' there is a \manconcentriccircles  - these are three circle one inside the other.
> There is one \Game in AMS symbols - it is like a mirrored G of sansarif family.
> duvvUri vEnugOpAl
Thanks for so many efforts by all of you.
Research student from our place wanted such symbol fro zero nbh. Finally 
I asked for printed symbol from him and I understand that it is kind of 
capital "O" but very fancy. Now I am going to apply all mentioned 
packages by E.Krishnan and others and I think I will get it.I will let 
you know.
Thanks for the help.

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