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Wed Nov 19 12:17:43 CET 2003

Dear Everybody,
I need to send a paper as per following format.

Paper Size: A4 (210mmX297mm)
Margins:    Top, bottom, left and right margins
            should be 30mm each.
spacing between two columns should be 4mm

I have been struggling to typeset the paper. I have
used IEEEtran.cls with geometry package.
Here is my preamble.

\documentclass[twocolumn,10pt]{IEEEtran} %!PN 
bmargin=30mm, nohead, nofoot]{geometry} %%AT 
\geometry{twoside=true, twosideshift=0cm}
\columnsep        .16in

When printed, the margins are measured approx. as
top= 52 mm, bottom=20mm
left=37 mm, right=30mm

I have already missed the deadline. Pleeese help ! 

With best regards,


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