[Tugindia] help with pdfscreen

V. Sharma vs272 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 16 18:44:19 CET 2003

    Sharma> 1. When I place table of contents at the start, clicking
    Sharma> on References takes me to the page before the start of
    Sharma> References (page 8 for example) i.e. the last page of the
    Sharma> article, although the content correctly displays the
    Sharma> references beginning on page 9. How can this be corrected?

>>A \clearpage command before \begin{thebibliography} will fix this.

Unfortunately the clearpage command does not seem to do the trick. what 
else might I be doing wrong?

My tex file ends

Ethics committee will be informed of this study in order to facilitate
publication if the results are interesting.



>>\makeatletter ... \makeatother before invoking \bottombuttons.

Thanks this worked beautifully

kind regards

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