[Tugindia] help with pdfscreen

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sun Nov 16 08:04:19 CET 2003

>>>>> "Sharma" == V Sharma <vs272 at cam.ac.uk> writes:

    Sharma> Hi all I am using screen option of pdfscreen with lyx and
    Sharma> article documentclass. I have some questions. 

    Sharma> 1. When I place table of contents at the start, clicking
    Sharma> on References takes me to the page before the start of
    Sharma> References (page 8 for example) i.e. the last page of the
    Sharma> article, although the content correctly displays the
    Sharma> references beginning on page 9. How can this be corrected?

A \clearpage command before \begin{thebibliography} will fix this.

    Sharma> 2.I am using \bottombuttons in the preamble. The bottom
    Sharma> navigation buttons are in white and not easily visible, is
    Sharma> there someway to display them in another colour say
    Sharma> mahogany or black to make them easily visible?  


is the definition for the attributes of bottom buttons. You might
change this to anything you like. Keep the command within a pair of
\makeatletter ... \makeatother before invoking \bottombuttons.



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