[Tugindia] Re: Musical notations in Latex

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Fri Nov 14 07:37:50 CET 2003

>  You had responded to my mail in the TUG-India group, saying that you are
> also in the process of developing something similar... would you mind to
> share some details? As for myself, I have just thought of it, and sort of
> assesed all the requirements, including formats, fonts etc., and have not
> started any work. I shall be very glad to get some guidelines too, should
> you have some to offer.

Dear Sandipan,

       We are doing it based on itrans, so that we are making it language 
independent. The decision on thalam decides the format of presentation. We 
have also planned to include a database for ragas like which melakartha raga 
or which janya of the melakartha raga. 
              Presently we are doing for karnatik music. Later on, we can 
generalize it for Hindustani music. 

K.S. Mithran


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