[Tugindia] Mirroring of TUGIndia list

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Nov 10 11:51:00 CET 2003

You might be pleased to know that our list is being mirrored in
news.gmane.org which is a news server that hosts many newsgroups.  If
you are in the habit of reading newsgroups and familiar with news
readers, you might need our newsgroup's name, which is


Subscribers need not unduly worry about spammers harvesting email id's
of those who post to this list, because, email id's are encrypted and
will not explicitly show up in the postings mirrored in the above

Mirroring the postings at news.gmane.org might reach wider audience,
since our list has now quiet a useful discussions going on most of the

Best regards


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