[Tugindia] Extended natbib functions (preamble included)

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Thu Nov 6 10:42:39 CET 2003

> The findings of this commission were published in 1987 \citetext{WCED,
> \citeyear{Our_Common_Future_1987}} and discussed ways in
> or:
> \defcitealias{Our_Common_Future_1987}{WCED,
> \citeyear{Our_Common_Future_1987}}
Dear David,

    Actually the underscore sign you are putting is the problem. If you
put the underscore sign it would directly get into the mathmode, and also
not putting the $ sign. You can use any other symbols instead of this
underscore sign like hiphen and then run it. I have here tested and was
not showing any errors. Hope you get it.

K.S. Mithran

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