[Tugindia] few more new symbols needed

indrajit at cal2.vsnl.net.in indrajit at cal2.vsnl.net.in
Wed Nov 5 02:27:14 CET 2003

>A document is available in 'TeX Live CD' supplied by Indian-TUG, 
categorized and shown all the available packages and symbols 
for TeX. It is a 58 page document named "The 
>Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol
List" by Scott Pakin. The name of the 
>file is "symbols-letter.pdf".
About 1300 symbols are given in that manual. 
>D. Venu Gopal

Dear Venu Gopal,
                Please mention the version of TeX-Live CD. I do not find
any such file in Tex-Live 5d CD (July 2000),which I use. 
                                                      Yours faithfully
                                                       Indrajit Lahiri

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