[Tugindia] tables.

E. Krishnan ekmath at md5.vsnl.net.in
Fri May 30 18:59:53 CEST 2003

On Fri, 30 May 2003, S. venkataraman wrote:

> In this case I want an alignment like this:
>    1
>  12
> 132
> but the space to the left and right of the fourth row should be equal. 
> Is this possible?
> If I use \begin{tabular}{r} all the numbers are aligned to the right but
> there is a big gap on 
> the left(due to the long first row) which looks ugly.

I am not very sure about your exact requirement, since the second part of 
your message seems to suggest you want the entries aligned on the right, 
while in the table shone, the first entry is not aligned on the right with  
the rest. Assuming you want 


with equal space on each side of the last entry, here are a couple of 

1.	\begin{tabular}{|r@{}l|}
     	    & 1\\
  	 1  & 2\\
  	 12 & 3\\

2.  	\begin{tabular}{|c|}
I've included vertical lines to see the white space left within the cells.


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