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Hi kapil,

Thanks for clearing the earlier doubts. They worked. 
Could you also explain as to why \begin{spacing}{0.5}
works but not \singlespacing. That would help me to 
tackle future problems better.

The third doubt that i was refering to in the earlier
posting is in the case of a latex code shown below.

left column & first right partial row \\
 & Second right partial row.\\
 & Third right partila row.\\

How can i position the text in the middle of the cell
vertically. One option is to put 'first' in the first
row and 'column' in the second column. But if it is a
justified column, then this would not work as i wont 
know where the line would break.


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Naveen wrote:
> 1)  While using the tabular environment i specified one column to be
> left justified by giving the 'l' option in the  column options. I
> wanted to centralise one of the cells of the table belonging to that
> column. I tried \centering , but that didn't work

I don't have a latex manual handy but here is one approach. Instead of
the usual entry at that point you can give
	\multicolumn{1}{c}{Whatever you want centered}

> 2) I have used the setspace package to make the linespacing doubleline
> for the document. Inside the table i wanted to have some cells to be
> of single spacing. So i used a parbox, inside which \singlespacing was
> used. But then in the pdf output {using pdflatex}, the lines inside the
> parbox stood out separate from the rest of the row of the table. this
> inspite of the fact that i used the 't' option for the position. This
> problem did not occur when \singlespacing was not used ( but then the
> linespacing was double).

Inside the parbox you should use


> 3) in a particular case i have a cell that has three other cells to
> its right, which means the left cell is of thickness 3 times to that of
> the right one. This i created by using tabular environment, and using
> cline{2-2} twice so that the right column had three rows, while the left
> had only one.I wanted to centralise the text { both veritcally as well
> as horizontally } in the left cell.  How can i do that?

Sorry, I can't visualise exactly what you want here.

> This being my first query on the net if it is lengthy and the style of
> posting is not apt for a mailing list post do bear with me. I should
> improve with time.

It would help a bit if you "wrapped lines" while mailing.



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