[Tugindia] How to install "pdfscreen" on cygwin/Win2k

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon May 26 05:19:44 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Saravanan" == M K Saravanan <saravanan.mk at st.com> writes:

    Saravanan> Hi, At my workplace I am using LaTeX under cygwin
    Saravanan> environment (Win2000).  I couldn't find the "pdfscreen"
    Saravanan> package in the default installation.  How to install it
    Saravanan> in cygwin?

The principle is that pdfscreen.sty and the associated files should be
available to TeX when it processes your document that has a line
\usepackage[options]{pdfscreen} in the preamble.  I don't think, this
differs between TeX distributions, the only difference could be in the
matter of how to set TEXINPUTS environment variable that might be
dependent on a particular distribution or operating system.

What we do in GNU/Linux is to create a directory viz., pdfscreen in
the TeX tree (usually it is /usr/share/texmf or /usr/local/texmf)
below the latex, which would be something like:


Copy all the files to this directory.  Run texhash (or equivalent
command to update the file database).  That's all you need to do and
pdfscreen is available system-wide for all users. I guess, this should
exactly be the way for cygwin too.



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